2021 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Homestead Amps: This just in from Peter McMahon of Homestead, and we quote..."Rich- I'm sure I reserved my room a while back so you were sure. But feel free to let me know. Did San Francisco two weekends ago. Doing Costa Mesa this weekend.  Your show is still the best draw and proven sales. Please feel free to quote. It really sets the tone for my year. I love your show." 

Created in 2014, Homestead Amps are bold, tasteful, and leave a lasting impression on any musician that plays them. Now building for the likes of Warren Haynes, Jay Jay French, John Prestia, Dirk Miller, Deren Ney, Adam Gorman, Tyler Anselmo, Jorgen Carlsson , Bobby Kyle and Linwood Taylor, Haynes has been a long time user, inspiring McMahon to design a line of amps to suit the particular tone of Haynes' signature Gibson Les Paul sound. McMahon's launching of Homestead Amps is to create highly desirable pieces suitable for anyone and everyone. No matter what the customer wants, whether it's for a studio, club, or stadium, Peter can and will create it. www.HomesteadAmps.com 

My Generation Guitars : John DeSilva & My Generation Guitars have decided to step up and become a Bronze Sponsor of the 2019 NY Guitar Show.  My Generation Guitars has been a main stay of the NY Guitar Show since our inception and has always been one of our most ardent supporters and talks us up at all the other shows. After 10 years as co-owner and manager of a large, well known guitar shop, John DeSilva I decided that it was time to do something better. John started My Generation Guitars on July 1, 2004.  His desire was to create a place where guitar players and collectors alike could come to buy the instruments they desire with confidence that they were getting what they paid for.  My Generation hopes they can fulfill that desire for their customers.  DeSilva has been buying, selling, trading, repairing and playing guitars since 1976I. In the past John’s been on the advisory board to the Vintage Guitar Price Guide and the Orion Blue Book of Electric Guitars and still contributes when he can. Please feel free to e-mail or call My Generation with any questions or with specific photo requests and they’ll do their best to provide accurate information or point you in the right direction. They offer in-hand descriptions on all items.  Visiting the website at www.mygenerationguitars.com 

Gbase: Created in 1995, Gbase.com was one of the first gear-dedicated web sites. Since then, Gbase.com has become the ultimate benchmark for used and vintage equipment. We match buyers with sellers in an effective but unique manner. Visitors from around the world have purchased guitars, drums, amps, effects pedals, basses, and more from our global dealer network. And now, with the addition of "My Gbase.com", you'll find Gbase.com even easier to use.


2020 Exhibitors

Agape Guitars (WV)
Amplified Parts (AES) (AZ)
Black Flamingo Designs
Build A Stage
Cheryl's Rockin Tees
CR Alsip Guitars
Dimo Guitars
Dotson Guitars
Electro Harmonix
Ferro Guitars
Gimenez Guitars (NY)
Groove Saddle
Grosbeak Guitars
Guitar Center
Guitar QuikPick
Heritage Insurance
Homestead Amps (CO)
Imperial Guitar & Sound
Leaf Filter (NY)
Les Paul Exhibit (NJ)
Mccurdy Basses
MorTone Stringed Instruments
Moxy Guitars
Murphy's Music
Music Emporium
My Generation Guitars
Rivington Guitars
Rockaway Relic Guitars (NY)
Rockn Stompn
Roland Corp
SC Guitars
Sadowsky Guitars & Basses
Safe Haven Music
SG Custom Sound
Taylor Guitars
The Music Mall
Tonemaster Pickups (LI)
Vintage & Rare Guitars & Amps
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