2018 Sponsors & Exhibitors


Homestead Amps: Created in 2014, Homestead Amps are bold, tasteful, and leave a lasting impression on any musician that plays them. Now building for the likes of Warren Haynes, Jay Jay French, John Prestia, Dirk Miller, Deren Ney, Adam Gorman, Tyler Anselmo, Jorgen Carlsson , Bobby Kyle and Linwood Taylor, Haynes has been a long time user, inspiring McMahon to design a line of amps to suit the particular tone of Haynes' signature Gibson Les Paul sound. McMahon's launching of Homestead Amps is to create highly desirable pieces suitable for anyone and everyone. No matter what the customer wants, whether it's for a studio, club, or stadium, Peter can and will create it. www.HomesteadAmps.com 

Premier Guitar: Our media partner and friends at Premier Guitar are with us again this year with hundreds of thousands banner impressions expected this year after they delivered so well for us in 2013.


Gbase: Created in 1995, Gbase.com was one of the first gear-dedicated web sites. Since then, Gbase.com has become the ultimate benchmark for used and vintage equipment. We match buyers with sellers in an effective but unique manner. Visitors from around the world have purchased guitars, drums, amps, effects pedals, basses, and more from our global dealer network. And now, with the addition of "My Gbase.com", you'll find Gbase.com even easier to use.


2017 Exhibitors

Agape Guitars (WV)
All Music (NY)
Amplified Parts (AES)
Analog Alien Guitar Pedals
Black Flamingo Designs (NY)
Build A Stage
Booches Guitars
Cheryl's Rockin Tees
CNY Guitar Brokers
Conquer Entertainment
Dimo Guitars
Electro Harmonix
E. Lombardo Guitars
Ferro Guitars
Fitzgerald Guitars
Floating Forest Pedals
Gamma Custom Bass Guitars
Gimenez Guitars (NY)
Guitar Center
Guitar Shop Tees
Guitar Vault
Harris Musical Products
Homestead Amps
Imperial Guitar & Sound

J. Macdonald Art Guitars (ME)

J.R. Baker Guitars (LI)
Julie Rosenberg Guitars
Lakeshore Guitars
Mccurdy Basses
Michael's Music
Mobile Guitars
Moxy Guitars
Murphy's Music
Music Emporium
My Generation Guitars
NY Bass Works
Paul Hartman Guitars
PMA Recoding Studios
Renewal by Anderson
Richie's Guitars
Rivington Guitars
South Carolina Guitars
Rockn Stompn
Rock Solid Guitar Stands
Roland Corp
SG Custom Sound
Taylor Guitars
Tensor Basses
The Music People
Tone Gear
onemaster Pickups (LI)
Vintage Guitar Gallery
Zuercher Amps
Booth 154
Booth 101-102
Booth 145
Booth 107
Booth 148
Booth 142
Booth 105
Booth 113
Booth 165
Booth 115
Booth 146
Booth 123
Booth 129
Booth 110-111
Booth 168
Booth 162
Booth 100
Booth 158
Booth 140-141
Booth 124
Booth 160-161
Booth 152
Amp Room 102
Booth 122
Booth 147
Booth 171
Booth 156
Booth 106-106
Booth 121
Booth 137
Booth 170
Booth 132-134
Booth 126-128
Booth 135-136
Booth 149
Booth 130
Booth 153
Booth 166
Booth 159
Booth 143-144
Booth 131
Booth 118
Booth 138
Booth 163-164
Booth 114
Booth 116-117
Booth 156
Booth 167
Booth 112
Booth 119-120
Booth 150-151
Booth 155