2022 NY Guitar Show Aoril 2 & 3 Freeport Rec Center

2022 NY Guitar Show April 2 & 3 

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Show Hours & Info:

Saturday.....10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Sunday.......10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • Adults: $10

  • Children under 12...Free when accompanied by adult

After a rousing success last April in our larger 10,000 square foot "digs," the New York Guitar Show & Exposition was the largest NY Metro area Guitar show in two decades. We are in the process of selecting sponsors for the event and programs designed to give a sponsor a unique opportunities to meet large numbers of consumers in the guitar and music industry directly one on one.  

Promoter Rich Johnson is a 22 year veteran, both as an exhibitor at major northeast Fishing, Boating & Outdoor Expos as well as being a sponsor and seminar producer/director for the NY National Boat Show in NYC for 15 years. Having worked closely with management on many aspects of the trade industry with many shows, Rich is unique in that the “flea market” look and atmosphere will not be present.  

“Having a flea market atmosphere creates a flea market economy. We want to create a buying & selling atmosphere and to do that the venue needs to be light, open spaced and with a professional look & feel to it. We accomplished this in 2012 and will continue so in 2013. 

Quotes From Exhibitors of the NY Guitar Show
The NY Guitar Show & Exposition was a huge success for us...but more importantly for our our exhibitors! Hear what some of them had to say for themselves!

My first time setting up at the NY Show in 2016, very impressed with the organization and attendance. I'll certainly be back!”  Noel Ebner / CNY Guitars, NY

“Each year the show gets better and better with a bigger crowd and more energy. It's great to have a guitar show in New York, the greatest city in the world!!”
Howie Statland, Rivington Guitars NYC

“This is a well-run & well attended show with great deals for both buyers and sellers. I look forward to it every year!”  Scott Gramlich/ SG Custom Sound

"I was proud to have my business participate in the first NY Guitar Expo. After only one week, I can see our customer base has grown as a result of the show. I look forward to many more successful shows, keep up the great work Rich" Jeff From Murphy's Music

“The NY Guitar Show was a resounding success for Pigtronix. Our local dealers sold through their entire inventory of Pigtronix effects and then some. We can’t wait to do it again. Great work Rich!” David Koltai, President of Pigtronix

"Wow, I was impressed by the turnout for a first show but then again, I would expect nothing less from Long Island. I hope more guitar dealers will participate next year! Want my recommendation…just ask me!" John DeSilva, My Generation Guitars

“We had a great response to our booth. We sold 10 guitars, a whole lot of pedals and even had customers go directly to our store right after the show. We sold a 1968 Gibson Black Beauty right out of our Vintage Lounge because of the NY Guitar Show!” Guy Brogna- ALL MUSIC, Long Island

"I had a great time, met great folks, sold guitars BUT I bought a ton of cool guitars!"Howie Statland, Rivington Guitars

We had a great time at the show, great folks on Long Island!!! Already psyched to do it again!!!  Thanks Rich for all your hard work!! Doug Meyers, Mountain Cat Guitars

The show was a great success and I give you a lot of credit for handling it all.  I've worked on two international conferences in Manhattan in my past business life.  There are people out there who have no idea what it takes to pull this off successfully but have plenty to say.  Keep me in mind for the next one. Phil Cicciari

Freeport Recreation Center
130 East Merrick Rd.
Freeport, NY 

·         The show accommodates approx. 10,000 square feet of exhibit space.

·         Overall ceiling height for exhibit hall is 60 ft.

·         Huge and FREE parking

·         More than enough parking on site

·         Plenty of on street parking as well.

·         Hotels & restaurants no more than 3 to 5 minutes away 

SHOW ADVERTISING $10,000 in 2020
We spent $13,000 in regional advertising on radio & television in addition to; Facebook, Twitter, Internet web advertising, Guitar Forums, Vintage Guitar Magazine. Posters in Sam Ash Music stores, Guitar Center, Newsday, Daily News, Music Radio Stations, Email Blasts, Outdoor Billboard, News Media, Local newsprint ads and Posters,  


·         Highest per capita income area in the United States

·         Nearly 100 exhibit booths & lobby as extra space

·         Thousands of music lovers, instrument collectors and players looking to see and visit the newest Guitar Show on the East Coast looking to do business directly with YOU!

·         Easily accessible by car, public transportation in train and public bus lines.

·         Centrically located near all major highways and parkways in Nassau County on Long Island

·         Located close enough to NY City situated near all major highways and parkways to draw from the entire tri state area of NY, NJ & CT.

·         Centrically located to the Long Island Railroad and only a 7 minute walk from the Freeport, Long island station.

·         You will reach the music market of NY, all five boroughs, NJ & CT

·         Opportunity to introduce new products and lines to a targeted marketplace starved for this kind of a guitar show. 

BACKGROUND: There is no denying the incredible force that music plays through generations of families and even today.  From Elvis to the Beatles to Justin Bieber, music is in everyone’s home and is truly a passion to most. Through the New York Guitar Show & Exposition, a company will have the opportunity to penetrate this demanding market. Most importantly, companies will be reaching the consumers that collectively have a need for their products. Clearly, any brand awareness or name identity to their needs within the sport will pave the way for enhanced consumer consideration of the offering of their products or service.  

THE PROGRAM: The New York Guitar Show & Exposition is and will be the most talked about Guitar expo in the country this year. It’s been two decades and now NY and the tri-state area will finally have a quality guitar show worthy of being in the shadow of the Big Apple, NYC. The event is completely designed to facilitate the process of education, offering advice, and helpful hints on almost everything right down to the specific products lines in the music and guitar market. Hundreds of products and service displays and exhibits will be featured at the event. Participants are encouraged to distribute product samples, as well as conduct demonstrations in an effort to further the benefits delivered to attendees through “hands on” product usage. 

The event will run for two days for a total of 15 hours of exhibiting time. Charge for entry is $10 for adults and under 12 free. Through a sponsorship, your company will be in a prime position at the event and be afforded a host of benefits not delivered to other participants. Prior to the event your company or organization and its representatives will be contacted to participate in the expo and related promotional activities.  

We look forward to hearing from you very soon to discuss your company’s participation as a sponsor of the NEW YORK GUITAR SHOW & EXPOSITION. 

Again, WELCOME to what promises to be a uniquely profitable experience for all!

Rich Johnson
Show Director